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FIUGGI Mineral water non carbonated 1l

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Natural mineral water, still
Mineral water Fiuggi drinks for total detoxification and "general cleaning" of organism. FIUGGI Water can drink also perfectly healthy people for preventive purpose.
Uniqueness of Fiuggi water is  that it contains molecules of relatively low molecular weight. Entering the human body, these molecules causes intensive destruction of proteins, polysaccharides, cellulosics, lignins, tannins, pigments. Namely, they form organic compounds which enter into chemical interaction with metal ions, especially calcium, which promotes the formation of kidney stones. In addition, water FIUGGI prevent stone formation in the urinary tract, removes small stones and blocks the growth of existing ones. Basic research conducted at the University La Sapienza in Rome have shown that the secret lies in the usefulness of the content in it of special organic molecules, which is reacted with a stone or sand softens its structure and eventually decomposes and removes it completely.toxication and general cleaning"of organism. This water could drink enyone.