CURTIS tea assortment in tea bags, ColourTea Set 84.6 g

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A set of tea bags - 50 sachets, assorted tea in 9 flavors.


Colored Blue Tea: Oolong tea, apple pieces, anchan (clitoria), goji berry flavor, rose petals, blackberry, currant, blueberry pieces. (6 x 1.5 g)

Colored Orange Tea: Chinese green tea, apple pieces, hibiscus petals, mango flavor, turmeric extract, mint leaf, pineapple pieces. (6 x 1.5 g)

Colored Violet Tea: Oolong tea, apple pieces, anchan (clitoria), hibiscus petals, grape flavor, rose petals. (6 x 1.5 g)

Delicate Black: black tea. (6 x 1.7 g)

Elegant Earl Grey: black tea, bergamot flavor, citrus zest. (6 x 1.7 g)

Fresh Green: green tea. (6 x 1.7 g)

Pleasure Time: black tea, pitahaya and caramel flavors, apple pieces, rose hips. (6 x 1.5 g)

Fantasy Peach: green tea, apple pieces, peach flavor, lemongrass, rose petals. (6 x 1.5 g)

Exotic Lime: green tea, kaffir lime and lemon flavors, citrus zest. (6 x 1.5 g)

Preparation: For black tea: pour boiling water (100°C) into 1 bag, brew for 5 minutes.

For green and white tea: pour 1 bag of boiled water (85°C) and steep for 3-4 minutes.

EAN: 4660115907029

Packing: 10 pcs (54 sachets each)

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